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Laughing all the way to the… blog!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Forget everything (you thought) you knew about banking, blogging or blogging about banking!

We tend to associate banks with old-fashioned websites, offering (some) financial services. Conversely, blogs are supposedly for young trendy people who look for the latest innovations. We thus don’t expect many people to start their day by checking their bank’s blog… Yet one bank succeeded in challenging this assumption and created a lively online presence which is followed by thousands in the financial sector and beyond!

Bank Degroof is Belgian-based, offering investment services through its representations in 7 countries. The bank invited Emakina to build its new corporate blog in which its experts post their views and insights. Visitors are equally invited to post questions on their own topics of interest, which are then answered by the bank’s bloggers.

The blog is highly active with several posts a week, which go out to a pre-registered mailing list. Since its launch, the bank has been receiving excellent feedback from the blog’s loyal followers, who are growing by the thousands! We are now looking into integrating new features and expanding the bank’s social media presence.

Here’s your chance to follow on what’s happening in finance, and learn from those who know it best!


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