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Front End Architect

full time

If you're a software craftsman and working on long-term projects is an exciting challenge for you, Emakina is your home!


As a Senior React developer, you will become a key player in supporting design and development teams. Standard and validated codes will be a central part of your development projects. You are extremely web-minded and front-end development projects are a breeze for you. In other words, you can handle challenges. 

Personal requirement

  • Fluent in English 

  • French and Dutch are strong pluses

  • At least 5 years experience in React

  • Willing to share your passion and knowledge with the team 


You are familiar with React, and you have a good understanding of web standards and the JavaScript language.  


Unit testing, Integration testing, workflow automation (Webpack, Gulp, Parcel). 


  • You are dedicated and meticulous

  • Performance and optimization have no secrets for you

  • You are a team player

  • You have a strong capacity and willingness to learn

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