Project description

A natural evolution for the expert in natural beauty & well-being

The French beloved brand set itself the challenge to adapt to the growing demand and increasing number of visitors through digital channels. Emakina helped it grow its footprint across Europe with a slick new e-commerce platform that beautifully blends educational content and a joyful online shopping experience.

The challenge

When it comes to guiding users on a journey to choose the best natural solution to meet their needs, content is key. On the other hand, Aroma-Zone needed a future-fit e-commerce platform that appeals to all types of buyers – from the do-it-yourselfers to those who value ethically-made home and beauty products.  

The brand’s current e-commerce platform was no longer performing optimally or keeping up with the demands of digitally savvy users. The time came for a complete overhaul of Aroma-Zone’s online offering, while staying true to the innovative, generous and transparent soul of the brand. Aroma-Zone wanted its loyal fans to be able to order anything in just a few clicks, with seamless inventory support and fast deliveries. 

Our solution 

Working closely with Eurazeo, Aroma-Zone’s shareholder company, Emakina joined as technology expert to drive their digital transformation. Through a series of workshops and on-site visits, we formulated a project plan and took on a full project and programme management role.  

One of the best ways to lay the foundations for future expansion is through the flexibility of technology stacks. This MACH approach means building an open-source headless e-commerce platform which can continually expand the brand’s digital presence. We recommended the best-in-breed commercetools as a commerce platform, along with the API-led content management system Contentful. This enables Aroma-Zone to easily create and scale personalised user experience across various territories, cultures and languages. The open-source front-end Vue Storefront (now named Alokai) was used to create a fresh new brand look of approachable luxury.  

The Attraqt platform was implemented to create a more personalised experience for web visitors thanks to search, merchandising and recommendation solutions powered by AI. The unified payment solution Adyen gives shoppers a wide range of options to pay, plus provides insights into the entire shopper journey. Finally, the unified customer platform Klaviyo brings all customer data and channels together in one place. 

The results

Working as part of a large client and consultancy team, we created the ideal digital solution for Aroma-Zone to continue building their community. The new platform has everything in place to easily scale to new territories, with functionality that can accommodate various languages, a vast product catalogue and content library. The new site has an intuitive user experience and is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. We continue to improve the site with our test-and-learn approach, making adjustments where necessary to improve the overall user experience.