Electrabel’s blogs pioneer corporate transparency and public engagement

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Electrabel has always valued its interaction with the public. Using digital means, the Belgian energy company has been able to encourage a healthy, democratic and transparent public debate on various issues. That is why on its website, built by Emakina, it has incorporated an open blog on which anyone interested can post a question, remark, concern, or comment. The company’s experts then post their answers on the very same blog, inviting visitors not only to share them on social media but to evaluate the quality of the answer they supplied.


Yet, Electrabel and Emakina did not stop here. In its attempt to go green, Electrabel is building new wind farms all across Belgium. Such projects are of high public concern; the company thus seeks to consult, engage, and hear what the concerned community of each wind farm may have to say.

Again, Emakina technology was there to help with a new designated blog which was set to meet this goal! Based on WordPress, the platform presents all the on-going projects on a clickable map. When selecting the project, visitors can read the latest news on when, where, why and how the next wind farm will be built. Each farm thus presents its own independent mini-site, in the local language of its region (French or Flemish), featuring all relevant content, including figures, graphs, and multimedia.


The crown jewel, however, is the fact the fact that, once again, Electrabel invites the public to openly express its opinion on each of the local projects!

This is not the first time in which Emakina develops tools to increase Electrabel’s accountability. Our past projects include the company’s customer-service performance dashboard as well as an online simulator for gas consumption.



We, at Emakina, are proud to be part of another pioneering project, making use of technology for increasing transparency and accountability.


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