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Author: Arnaud Grobet

Emakina is participating in Le Grand Prix Romand de la Création and Le Meilleur du Web with two projects: the International Federation for Volleyball and Beach Volleyball (FIVB) and Terre des hommes.

Praised for speed, precision and versatility

Emakina imagined and realized a digital ecosystem for the FIVB, with a tailor-made concept and design for two websites, one for the women’s championship in Italy and the other for the men’s event in Poland.

fivb italy

The most challenging part, technically, were live updates, delivered through interaction with custom-built systems that kept fans informed up to the minute.  In addition, a mobile iOS application with live comments, among other features, responded to an audience of millions.

fivb poland

The websites have been praised for their impressive speed, precision and versatility. Dr. Ary S. Graça, the FIVB president praised the Agency saying,”Emakina was a very good partner and very creative.” The websites reached over 29 million page views.

Advanced technological solutions

Emakina is also nominated for Le Grand Prix Romand de la Création for the “Terre des hommes.” This Swiss-based NGO is the country’s largest non-governmental organization for children’s aid. When it launched an ambitious campaign to raise awareness on the plight of children in the mines of Burkina Faso, Emakina supported the campaign using advanced technological solutions, with the website realized mainly in motion design.


Creating emotion with picture streaming

The creative team used *picture streaming” to create powerful emotion with the viewer finding himself trapped in a mine tunnel with a 13-year-old boy. This is the first time an NGO has used such an in-depth experience.

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