Brice Le Blévennec to comment on Apple World Wide Developers Conference

Author: Luc Malcorps

Want to know what the Cupertino gang are cooking?
Then don’t miss the rendezvous with RTL’s web-magazine, “Les Teknophiles” June 11th at 19h00!

With the Apple WWDC 2012 approaching, developers and fans across the world get in a frenzy.
Apple will showcase the new version of its Operating Systems, iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion. Perhaps Apple will unveil a revamped fith-generation iPhone? Some say the new dream device will have a bigger, longer screen! Or will Apple unveil its Apple TV app store? Maybe we will see the thinner MacBook Pro or a new MacBook Air Update (with Retina display)?

After launching the third generation iPad in March, the annual pilgrimage to  San Francisco might once more hold surprises that create a sensation in the world of digital media. As usual, the buzz and Mac Rumors are flying around everywhere…

With all bets on, Emakina’s Chief Visionary Officer Brice Le Blévennec will be watching and interpreting the event as it unfolds. He is a special guest of RTL House, where he will share his insights (and passion) over the Conference content.

Further guests on the show include Frédéric Feytons of TappTic, and Bruno Kesteloot, general manager of MacLine. The show will be aired (in French) monday june 11th at 19:00 Brussels time. Click here to watch it live.

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