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Author: Thomas Halter

Last weekend, Emakina organized its first hackathon in collaboration with Microsoft Internet of Things. 48 hours of coding, brainstorming, testing, eating, sleeping, designing, laughing frantically from exhaustion after accidentally deleting hours of work, crying on the floor, then building it all back up again while thinking about Kipling’s poem ‘If’ – and many more wonderful accomplishments and emotions.

In the end, participants, coaches, the jury and everyone else involved felt tired but happy before going home to sleep like drunken babies!

The four teams impressed the jury with their creativity and hard work, so we decided to offer the fourth team a little gift as well: nobody actually lost, though some won more than the others. There will be a video soon, but in the meantime, you can already click here for some photos of the event!

1st place: AdEnhance

Emakina being an advertising agency, designing an IoT advertising app was a smart move. Thanks to a camera that can determine the age and gender of bystanders, this app adapts the ads displayed on a screen accordingly to the current “audience” and establishes data statistics. The app could lead to personalized ads based on facial recognition.

The AdEnhance team won 3,000€ and an Oculus Rift.


2nd place: BioLux

While sensors measure the exterior light, this app manages the lighting inside your home in order to make it look like natural light, while simultaneously reducing your electricity consumption. The prototype was functional, with a led screen reacting to the sensors measuring the sunlight in real time.

The BioLux team won 1,500€ and one Lumia 830.


3rd place: BusMass

This application uses automotive suspension sensors to weigh busses and estimate how many people are riding it. The information is then used to complete real time bus schedules, letting people who await the bus know how full the bus already is. The functional prototype also features chat functionality for people using the same bus line.

The BusMass team members each won an Xbox One.


4th place: Need To Know

This application measures the body temperature as well as other vital parameters and sends them to a doctor who remotely diagnoses users. If needed, a videoconference is activated in order to allow the doctor to establish a more thorough diagnosis. This app aims to bring emergency medicine to remote African villages.

The jury decided to offer the team Raspberry Pi devices as well as sensors in order to help them further develop their application.


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