10 Features Your New CMS Should Definitely Offer (+ 1 Free Workshop Invitation)

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

Every marketer knows this: brands need the power of personalised (digital) experiences to engage users and deliver a compelling web presence. Being relevant to users and addressing their needs every step of the way will make or break the business. But how do you actually achieve success through personalised experience? What are the top ten things an experience driven CMS should make possible for you? And where to start?

We’ll address these important questions in our joint workshop with our partner Sitefinity on building effective and personalised websites.

Here are 10 Sitefinity features your new CMS should definitely offer:

1. A solid CMS builds bridges
You need a CMS you can really count on to not only do what it promises, but also to build bridges towards other tools. This makes it a pertinent choice for now, and to anticipate the future.

2. It’s easy to use and simple to learn
Don’t you hate getting lost in a new system? Your CMS must allow you to quickly manage it yourself, to make your demos look great, and to easily develop it further. Time is a valuable resource!

3. A good CMS makes content editors happy
The people who create and upload information must be very comfortable using it. When it’s user-friendly and flexible, they feel it is ‘their garden’, which boosts the quality of the content and the quantity of interactions.

4. Business and features rich WCM
The WCM capabilities have to answer most of the business and functional requirements users are looking for. Check which interesting features come out-of-the-box, and if there is a library of widgets that can quickly add value to your work.

5. Deliver fast; grow at your own pace
Creating a fully operational platform should happen in a very reasonable timespan. Then you should be able to grow it, and further zoom in on your needs of contextualisation and personalisation. Step by step, you can boost related and targeted content, with detailed profiling.

6. SEO and SEA friendly
Top CMS solutions are, of course, Search Engine Optimisation/Advertising friendly. When you create, move or rename a page, the CMS configures a permanent redirect, so search engines keep finding the content, and you can also manually adjust settings.

7. Stay connected
A powerful CMS platform has to offer ready-made connectors to social media and other platforms, like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo and SharePoint.

8. Integration of Google Analytics
When you see how visitors interact with your website, it helps you improve their experience, increase sales and maximise all marketing efforts. So it makes sense that your CMS allows you to use a leading tool like Google Analytics to track your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

9. Affordable pricing
It’s tempting to consider free CMS options, but they limit your website greatly. It’s simple: the best CMS is a paid enterprise content management system, that answers your specific needs at the best price. To define that, you need to take into consideration all factors along the way, and the impact your website needs to generate.

10. Fast time-to-market
Your CMS should be reliable and complete, but it definitely should deliver results you can show and share fast. In today’s market, you cannot afford to place your relationships on hold with your multiple audiences (clients, personnel, partners, media, etc.).

In order to help you figure out your needs, Emakina.BE and our digital partner Progress Sitefinity invite you to join in on May the 16th for a free 3-hour workshop: ‘Build Effective & Personalised Websites’. Make sure to register for the seminar here, to learn first-hand what it’s all about.

Emakina’s Alexandre De Haan and Christophe Heerinckx will team up with their Progress’ expert colleagues Bob Bogaard and Richard van Tol to help you discover the advantages of working with a leading Web Content Management platform like Sitefinity, and try it out yourself:

– Easily create, edit, preview and publish great content
– Build pages and forms faster with amazing drag-and-drop
– Approval workflows, granular permissions and version history for content quality and governance
– Data-driven marketing and personalisation
– Predictive analytics to capitalise on customer behaviour

Alexandre De Haan:
“Emakina was recently promoted by Progress to Elite Partner.
That brings us to the top as an expert agency working with this power platform. But the really important thing is that it gives Emakina’s current and future clients access to a world of digital opportunities. With this workshop, we want to share that golden opportunity with them.”


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