Emakina on the move at the international Emakination day

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

The Emakina Nation, comprising of all the Group’s companies across 5 countries enjoyed its annual get-together at the Knokke Out, near Brussels. This year, Emakinians were “kings of the road”, with over 200 Vespas, winding through country lanes and piling down the motorway with police escort!


Emakinians rule the road, Vespa style.


Every great team needs inspiration. Power alone is not enough. Start with skills, balance and imagination. Add fun, intelligence, happiness, initiative, honesty, shared emotions, some pride, common goals, vision… As a fast growing group, Emakina is well aware of that. It keeps a strong tradition alive of ‘Emakination’, a mix of meeting and discovering, insights and fun:

Emakination \Im*ak`i*na”tion\, n. : The same power, which we should call fancy if employed on a production of a light nature, would be dignified with the title of Emakination if shown on a grander scale. — C. J. Smith.


About 350 sparkling minds assembled for this unforgettable Emakination day, sharing the same fire, fun and folly, strenghtening  ties and making us one. After a warm welcome and some clear vision statements, a highly interactive question and answer session brought out the best in all participants.


Management answers received facebook ‘thumbs up likes’ and comments.


This was followed by a geeky quiz with ’42’ as a recurring possible answer. After a hearty lunch,  the scooter rally liberated a giant hornets nest of Emakina’s vespa teams, to fly around the area and answer a variety of fun challenges along the way. The road excitement was followed by a cocktail and dinner. To round it all off, we made a real show of it with a live concert, with performances from our friends and colleagues. The party that followed went on until the wee hours of the morning, when the last party animals (like EMY) closed the session.


The Emakina management partook in the fun with  a rendition of Bob Marley’s “I shot the Sheriff”.

Take a look and guess who’s who!


This Emakination day once more confirmed the idea that the Emakination is alive and kicking. Imagination and a shared belief in creating the best solutions for our clients drive us all. And the growing international ‘family’ of agencies and partners is making this a rich and exciting time to be part of this powerful movement.


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