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Influencer marketing

Team up with influential content creators to ignite interest and appeal to your audiences – working with integrity and relevance.

“Confident people inspire other people”

Humans love to follow people they admire. Behavioural psychology has clearly demonstrated the power of social influence.

This is why we created Emakina/Influx as our influence strategy agency. We cast, manage and recruit influential content creators with a whole spectrum of talents and reasons for fame. Working closely with these superstars of the web, we can quickly tap into online audiences.

Our team helps clients to reach their business goals by igniting interest on social networks, uniting communities of fans and attracting our agreed target audience groups.

We design campaigns, creates content, manages partnerships between brands and content creators, and tracks the results to continually optimise every project. By ensuring the integrity and relevance of the content, we stimulate organic dissemination and achieve a high return on investment.