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Influencer marketing

We match our clients' objectives with the right influencers. Creators who propel brands into new stratospheres and leave lasting impressions.

“Confident people inspire other people”

With the most prominent independent creators behind us, we evolve your image to exceed previously untouched targets. These leaders in their field shatter taboos with freedom of tone and words your marketing department could never dream of. Together, we see higher, further, bigger. We transcend your brand.

We created Emakina/Influx as our in-house influencer marketing agency. Working with internet superstars, we connect your brand to massive audiences. We help clients achieve business goals by generating interest on social networks, bringing together communities of fans and appealing to the right target groups.

We design campaigns, create content, and manage partnerships between brands and creators. Moreover, we closely monitor results to continually optimise each project. The integrity and relevance of content is guaranteed, as we stimulate organic distribution and achieve standout return on investment.