WittyCommerce Joins the Emakina Group

Author: Thomas Halter

This new acquisition allows Emakina to further strengthen its position in Turkey:  digital agency WittyCommerce, based in Izmir and Istanbul, is an e-commerce expert with an excellent track record in engineering solutions and IT services.

Emakina Group has acquired 100% of the shares of WittyCommerce, through its Turkish subsidiary Emakina.TR, located in Izmir. WittyCommerce already was a structural partner of Emakina, and the two companies complement each other very well.

Since 2016, the 30 WittyCommerce experts have shared with Emakina their advanced experience in strategy and online commerce implementation, adding their high value-added capacity for a range of e-commerce technologies to the service offering.

The integration of WittyCommerce within the group paves the way towards new opportunities to acquire international customers in search of a trustworthy digital partner. This move also confirms the ambitions of Emakina Group in Turkey, as well as its aspiration to play a leading role in omnichannel commerce and digital business transformation projects.

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