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Don’t just mind the gap, fix it!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

One of the most apparent discrepancies between the developing and the developed worlds is access to ICT skills. Yet those are vital for improving people’s educational and economic prospects.

Close the Gap is an international non-profit organisation which collects computers from donors, arranges for the hard disks to be cleaned, and the hardware to be checked and configured according to the requirements of the end-users. The computers are then shipped to their destination by sea or air, where a support and maintenance programme ensures good usage and sustainability of the computers. This prestigious organisation is supported by the United Nations and by a (never-ending) list of international celebrities,  Nobel prize winners, and world leaders.

For us at Design is Dead, a proud member of the Emakina Group, digital is not only our business and our passion, it’s also our way to make a difference! That’s why we became the new marketing agency of Close the Gap, a nonprofit organisation for digital education in the Third World.

close the gap


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