Emakina/Motion widens its scope

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Laurent Garnier, the confirmed star of the Electro scene, entrusts Emakina/Motion to produce his latest video clip, a first for the audiovisual department of Emakina.

Following the creation of Axel Red’s website, Emakina continues in its musical streak by producing Laurent Garnier’s new video clip. Laurent Garnier, the well known French DJ, long lived ambassador of the Electro scene, founder of the F Com label entrusted the direction of the video clip for “Pay TV”, a single from his latest Album ‘Tales of a Kleptomaniac”.

Laurent Garnier demonstrates, once again, how techno music can be filled with great musical richness. At first, Pay TV may seem like a floating ballad coupled with a “soupcon” of eroticism but that is until the drummer unleashes its beats resonating from the shadows of Woodstock, turning the whole experience into something very rock orientated.

Expectations ran high as the return of the star of the turntables was highly anticipated and its video clips until then pretty rare. “We really wanted to have fun” explains Eric Morand of F Com.

The orgasmic sound bites and the title of the track inevitably lead to ideas revolving around images evoking sensuality and eroticism. The aim was therefore to tell the story of a nocturnal journey primarily with electric and neon lights.

This night-time tour that slowly draws its viewers closer gradually becomes hotter, crazier and more carnal. The starting point was indeed the atmosphere of a red light district with sex shop neon signs. “The link with the artist only came later when reading the artist’s biography where a chapter describes the sensations that tie him to the crowd” explains Nicolas Jandrain, Director of Emakina/Motion.

The red and white neon tubes worked as links between the atmosphere and the locations previously mentioned. The flow of light travelling through neon tubes are a visual translation of the sound, energy, impulses and adrenaline rushes sent to the crowd by the DJ, while the camera movements slowly hovering about the curves of the neon glass evoke those of a woman, a dancer, who appears discreetly at the beginning of video clip but who gradually becomes the DJ’s alter ego.

Emakina/Motion, the video department of Emakina Group is behind the concept and direction of this video clip. Although an unusual production for Emakina/Motion it symbolizes a desire to evolve and achieve creative diversity by bringing web and video professional together.

This symbiosis allows for a fruitful collaboration between very diverse profiles such as story boarders, scriptwriters, directors, web, motion and flash designers as well as 3D artists, all gathered for a common purpose. It doesn’t come as much as a surprise that Emakina/Motion should decide to add this string to its bow and extend the diversity of its audiovisual services.

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