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Interlease increases sales thanks to Emakina

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

As an agency, making our clients successful is maybe the greatest reward we can receive, especially when an economic crisis puts investments under pressure. In the beginning of this year, we launched the new B2B portal of Interlease, a central buying service that allows professionals in the automotive sector (distributors, importers…) to buy and sell new and used vehicles throughout Europe. Much more than another corporate website, we developed a real marketplace that facilitates business between users without the help of any intermediary. As a result of this “Web 2.0” approach, Interlease has doubled its onlines sales since January, while last March was simply the best month ever in the company’s history. The trafic on the website has followed the same evolution, increasing by 36% over the same period. Last but not least, visitors spend more and more time on the website, up to 5 minutes these days. In a near future, the 4.000 registered members will be also able to set up their own personal homepage with their logo, name, schedules, access plan etc.


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