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Stop Working : Be Passionate

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Very interesting post on Seth Godin’s blog who sets a distinction between two categories of workers : the workaholics and the passionates.

A workaholic lives on fear. It’s fear that drives him to show up all the time. The best defense, apparently, is a good attendance record.

A new class of jobs (and workers) is creating a different sort of worker, though. This is the person who works out of passion and curiosity, not fear.

And it’s exactly what our mindset at Emakina: creating exciting jobs that keep us working much longer than the usual “from nine to five”. Just because we like what we do. Designing cool websites. Taking up technological challenges. Brainstorming on the great idea that will make our next campaign successful. Like Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) once said : “Have fun, work hard.”

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