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Switching to Deutsche Bank is easier than making pizza!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Deutsche Bank is challenging the Belgian retail banking market yet again!  In its latest campaign, the bank wished to emphasise its various advantages over other local banks in terms of both price and variety of services.

Our role was to support the bank in demonstrating these points to prospects and clients and to convey the message of just how easy it is to make the switch!

Emakina set out to build an interactive tool, allowing visitors to compare the fees they are currently paying their banks with those they would be paying at Deutsche Bank. The comparison, based on client segmentation, is illustrated in a detailed dashboard we built – now available on the bank’s corporate site.

But showing clients they could be paying less is not enough. Deutsche Bank recognised that the bureaucratic hassle of switching bank impedes certain clients from making the move and saving money. They therefore decided to facilitate the process down to a level that does not even require leaving the house! Together with Deutsche Bank, we decided to illustrate how simple it was by humorously comparing the process with some of the mundane activities, which, believe it or not, take longer than switching to Deutsche Bank!

So why continue paying high fees to your bank when switching to Deutsche Bank and paying less is easier than making pizza, picking a shirt, or finding your car keys?!

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