Emakina Celebrates its 10th Happy Birthday

Author: Luc Malcorps

Emakina is lighting 10 candles…

A project that started in the best web tradition in a garage 10 years ago grew into a listed communication company with well over 300 people working there.

Regardless the economic stormy weather in the past decade, Emakina booked success after success and recorded positive results … reason enough to celebrate and look ahead towards the future.

The intense team spirit and collaboration inside Emakina no doubt explains part of the growth and continued success of the Emakina Group. In opposition to some agency networks where different parts behave like loose atoms, Emakina teams work together closely and create potent synergies. Meetings in Brussels can evolve into skype calls to Antwerp or Paris, or joint online and real world presentations including colleagues from Gent or Rotterdam.


At digital Digital Marketing First 2011 Emakina shares its enthusiasm and combines the mood for celebration with dynamic knowledge exchanges…


Co-founders of Emakina Brice Le Blévennec and Denis Steisel will give a 10th Anniversary Presentation, in the main auditorium and raise a glass on the future…


Several of their colleagues will shed their light on burning communication topics:

  • Digital changing the creative process. How to creatively answer the new customers needs? 
    Xavier Bouillon
    , Creative Director & David Grunewald, Head of Emakina/ Agency
  • CRM & Direct marketing services… Introducing Emakina’s success stories
    Sammy Colson
    , Head of Emakina/ Direct
  • Find out your brand’s character – Play the social media role game
    Karima Wardak, Amélie Sainthuile & Sophie Graillot, Strategy team of Emakina
  • Mobile Matters
    Thomas De Vos, Head of Emakina/ Mobile
  • What about Social media … Should we talk? 
    Audrey Benoit
    , Head of Emakina/ Social


So it’s going to be an exciting and busy day. And bubbles all around at 17h…



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