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Emakina’s Le Blévennec: ‘Innovate and never give up, try again’

Author: Luc Malcorps


Emakina’s Brice Le Blévennec was interviewed in the leading HR-magazine ‘References’, in a series on top-CEO’s in various sectors. His comments on the communication business give some remarkable insights into Brice’s thoughts and very readable copy.



Job profiles with one foot in the future

Emakina is living with one foot in the future. Brice Le Blévennec confirms the digital and mobile revolutions are the key trends in communications.

Everything is becoming more complex, with an even bigger role for mobile devices. This makes the future look bright for digital planners, iOS and Android developers. And Analysts will have a bigger role in translating data mines into insights and action. Gamification consultants will also be in high demand, now the video game culture takes over corporate and everyday life. Another trend is that our society is moving towards immaterial experiences. Experience designers, the inventors/ creators of these added value experiences, will become valuable assets for communication firms.

Innovation, part of Emakina’s DNA

The future in communication is for those companies that can lead in innovation, especially in mobile technologies. Emakina’s challenge is to become a great national champion in a well defined international context, pulling along in its slipstream an ecosystem of innovating companies with young, local talent.

Jobs and passion

The ‘Chief Visionary Officer’ of Emakina indicates that education in Belgium offers a good preparation for fundamental skills, but lacks in pragmatic and specialised training. His advice to young people starting out in the professional world is startling at first: “Never work”.

The logic behind this is sound: you need to find your passion and follow it. Learning can be easy via online sources. And then launckh your project. Find partners and when needed, attract investors. And when you fall, stand up and start again. If you want to work for someone else, the diploma is fine, the passion is better. And with talent, it’s easy.


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