“Finally, I’d like to thank the academy for this prestigious award…”

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

You’d think this quote was taken from the last Oscar ceremony but it’s actually one of Brice Le Blévennec from last night! No, our Chief Visionary Officer did not star in the latest Hollywood film (although it might be an interesting idea for the future…). Instead, he was nominated by the European Communication School (ECS) for the this year’s ‘TOF de la COM” award for the ‘Digital Communication” category. But it doesn’t end there…

Winners were announced last night at a grand gala event organised by the ECB and PUB magazine, inviting some 400 prominent industry figures . The ECB decided to let internet users, aged 18-25, choose by themselves the winner in each cateogry. We can now proudly announce: Brice Le Blévennec was nominated by the ECB and voted by the public as the “TOF de la COM” in Digital Communication for 2013!


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