HackYourFuture students get a taste of Emakina agency life

Author: Luc Malcorps

Emakina welcomed a motivated group of 8 aspiring student developers to its Brussels office. Visits like this are not so exceptional at the digital agency. But this one was different nevertheless, because it was part of the HackYourFuture digital skills program.

Jean-Philippe Bolly shares Emakina’s values and passion

This excellent initiative helps motivated people with limited access to opportunities so they can start a career in web development. At the same time the students fill some of the unfilled vacancies in IT. Founded in 2015 in the Netherlands, the organization was launched in Belgium in 2018, and recently celebrated its 200th graduate.

After a tour of the building, Emakina’s Jean-Philippe Bolly gave an introduction into the world and work of Emakina. He highlighted how the agency’s teams work with an agile mindset and use practical iterative ways of working together in team with the clients.  

So many tools (so little time)

Emakina’s experts introduced its range of technology stacks, from front end, .NET, PHP and mobile to DevOps. A very lively question and answer session followed, making the meeting tangible and interactive. There was a lot to discuss of course, with technologies ranging from programming languages to native platforms like Symfony and .NET, and tools on top of the platforms, like CMS and CRM suites, that can be customized.

The group was all smiles after the enthusiastic exchange of ideas

Positive vibes

Coordinator in Belgium for HackYourFuture, Maïté Cluydts, was very positive about the interaction during the visit:

‘Our vision is to build a more inclusive tech sector. But to empower our IT students, it is important they can understand how digital business and the IT job market work in real life. This meeting really gave our students some fresh insights!’

This experience passed positive vibes between the visitors and their Emakina hosts. No doubt to be continued.

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