Reinventing Yourself – How Brice Became a Geek

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

Ever wanted to take a peek into the mind of a CEO of an international digital and communication agency?
This is your chance…

Emakina Group’s CEO Brice Le Blévennec sometimes refers to himself as ‘an Uber Geek’, and considers it an honorary title. But how did he become a geek? How did the fire kindle for digital projects, and how did that evolve into into a career and a life project called Emakina?


All this and much more came to light in a relaxed and at times enlightening talk Brice recently had with Julie Cruyt, General Manager of Beta group.
This is the largest tech community in Belgium, that develops a startup eco-system, organises contacts with investors and boost their work during their monthly demo sessions.

Julie is clearly a fan, who followed Brice from his ‘radio days’.
In this entertaining talk, she lets him unravel his story from his very first Sinclair ZX81 at age 15, and the days of Control Data’s system Plato, a brainchild of genious William Norris and his e-learning dream. These were the days when the internet had not even started to become a worldwide web… and Brice hacked the system to be able to play a flight simulator called ‘Dog fight’…

Brice passionately shares his geeky adventures, from when he created presentations on floppy disks, to today, with Emakina leading the way as a major independent agency in Europe, with offices in 8 countries.

Over the years, both Brice and his company
reinvented themselves over and over again,
today focusing on user experiences,
that aim to make life better.

We get some insights in his views on the sense of creating apps, the future of Facebook, Twitter, other networks, and the struggle of advertisers to remain relevant…

Create value in the lives of your audience,
while being transparent, honest.


25 years after starting on his business journey, Brice still blends passion for design and creativity with technology. Like Emakina, actually.

And he still knows what makes a startup succeed: it’s about a great team, smart people with multiple talents and a strong shared belief in an idea. Actually, that goes as well for a digital agency with +700 people, a big startup, you could say!


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