Staying on point via POC’s

Author: Kris Barnhoorn

Implementing new technologies for companies is not easy. As a partner of those companies, we test new technology via Proofs-Of-Concept (POCs). Here’s how we make it happen.

As opposed to most big consulting or body shopping companies, we invest people and teams in the spirit of Design is Dead’s DoThinking, i.e. we allow for experimentation with the new technologies via Proof-Of-Concepts (POCs). Early adopters bring in new and exciting ideas, we challenge them with many years of e-service integration experience before they’re proposed and implemented, so the clients reap all the benefits. Big organizations always had issues with this.

As of late, we leveraged earlier POCs around webpack and the recently released Angular 2. Today we use them in corporate environments, on par with the adoption rate within startup environments.

We don’t employ new technologies just for the sake of it, but we test their benefits and note them in our POC results. The shown webpack increased quality, modularity and performance.

Once implemented, we test the results again to learn from the positive and the less positive results. We use this agile approach to our own initiatives as well, so we apply what we preach.

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