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Watch your backs if you are working at Emakina’s Brussels headquarters!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Who will be the last survivor in the Wild West (or rather south east…) of Brussels? We’ll know in a few months because a GOTCHA murder game will be launched next week among Emakina’s Brussels-based employees. From next week on, everybody is a potential killer!  So be vigilant…

What’s the game all about? Well, it’s rather simple. Each employee will receive the name of their target victim. “Killing” is done by spraying a tiny bit of water over her or him. Small syringes will be distributed to help us amateur killers do an elegant job. If you are able to wet your victim with NO witnesses watching, you succeeded. Your victim’s (failed) target will now become your next, and the game continues until there is only one person left. She or he will off course gain eternal fame and will forever be remembered as Emakina’s Jack the Ripper. And oh yeah, for us “material girls” out there, don’t worry! The winner will also get a nice prize to enjoy while resting on her or his laurels…

Impossible to know at this point how long the game will last or who will turn out to be the best shooter. Nothing is certain here! The only thing we know is that if you hear someone shouting “GOTCHA!”, there is one competitor less. And you can only hope it isn’t you…

Let’s play!


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