Emakina Stresses the Power of Actionable Data at Brussels Ecommerce Summit

Author: Luc Malcorps

What will the future of ecommerce hold for you?
What are the latest experiences & best practices in this field?

The power of implementing actionable data

On Friday 20 April, the 5th Ecommerce Summit connects 300 attendees with 24 industry speakers. Emakina’s Arnaud Nullens and Sarah Claeys are two of the invited experts who will inspire the participants, supported by valuable input from strategist Livia Dobes. In their presentation, they will focus on the power of implementing actionable data in an agile way to achieve success in online sales.

Of course, ‘hot topics’ like conversational shopping, product subscriptions and new technologies are important, but the Emakinians add that you’re lost without the agile implementation of the right insights to drive your business forward.

The User at the Center 

Arnaud Nullens, Emakina.BE E-commerce team leader, comments:
“Many companies track and collect as much information as they can.
The idea is to figure out how to optimize what they already offer.
We believe that putting the user at the center is more than crunching numbers and getting a big – and already slightly outdated – report at the end of the year. It’s about an agile set-up that allows you to react to new insights and implement them throughout the year.”

Propel Your business forward 

Emakina’s second speaker at the E-commerce summit is Insights-based Content Strategist Sarah Claeys. She adds:
“This methodology is not just about getting the right insights. It’s about gathering the user insights that matter most in that moment and will help to propel your business forward. By putting them into action along the way, you can unlock their true power and outperform your competition.”


Sarah is a content Swiss Army knife turned strategist. With her colleagues of Emakina / Insights & Consulting, she loves asking the right questions, and hunting down actionable answers. And that’s not only fun, it has a great positive impact on their client’s business.


If you hurry, you can still register here.
Of course, you can also contact Arnaud Nullens, and see how Emakina can lift your e-commerce project to the highest level.

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