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Emakina Celebrates 15th Birthday

Author: Luc Malcorps

Where were you on this day 15 years ago?

Let us refresh your memory…
Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings and Shreck were competing at the box office, Lance Armstrong won The Tour De France and Jennifer Capriati made here come back on the tennis courts. The Mini Cooper S was the coolest new set of wheels on the road, especially when you would have Moby, Pink or Coldplay booming out of your car speakers…

The world was still young, and the Internet
for most people a vague and far away idea.

wikipedia-2001Wikipedia’s first HomePage in 2001…

The first mobile phones had just been released, weighing in at over 2 kilos each. Computers also were big and basic: the processing power of one smartphone of 2016 would fill about half a room!

Okay, the internet was stil the playground of geeks and scholars, but digital was clearly on the rise.
Napster and peer to peer sharing already were a threat for the music industry. MSN Messenger was booming and the world wide web had passed the one billion page mark. And Apple just announced its iTunes store, while Google News and Wikipedia were new kids on the block.

Ipod_2001The iPod: ‘1,000 songs in your pocket’ was a revolution !

“It’s time for the bold and daring”, said young entrepreneur Brice Le Blévennec of Ex Machina and Denis Steisel, Founder of Emalaya.
On this day, April 1st, 15 years ago, they joined forces, merged their companies and started Emakina. It was no April fools prank, the two gentlemen were all business, and ready to conquer the world.

Emakina started as a small venture, with a big dream…
to inject digital DNA into the corporate world,
and make the web part of our everyday lives…

Five years later, Emakina already had come a long way, current Co-CEO Karim Chouikri had joined the management, and Emakina became Emakina Group, listed on Alternext of Euronext Brussels…

What an adventure… From a few people in a small office, to an international group, active across the world. From a startup website builder to a trusted partner in digital transformation, with 700 talented and fun colleagues across 15 offices in 8 countries… So many great stories, so many great people, and new exciting projects every day…

And the ride continues, with new projects, new ventures, and new creative customer experiences to imagine and create. And with fantastic, highly respected partners in technology, business and communication, who are at our side writing new chapters in our epic digital game…

Welcome to the next level.
And forward, on to the next 15 year!


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