Emakina walks in style on Sneaker Friday

Author: Luc Malcorps

Show me your sneakers and I’ll tell you who you are…

On Friday, June 27th, Emakina’s social team put its best foot forward, for the successful second edition of Sneaker Friday. The concept of this foot loose and fancy-free day is simple: everyone wears their favourite sneakers to work and expresses something about himself or herself!


Two Emakina interns, Cédric Vanhamme and Elodie Pagaud were challenged by Emakina’s Social team to think, create, launch and manage the internal event, from start to finish. And they ran with it. Their brainstorm idea met with the social team’s approval and then Cédric and Elodie’s sneaker journey began.

They first designed a tailor made Sneaker Friday Facebook page, collected adapted and fun content to launch and manage the page and posted sneaker related items to trigger and engage their colleagues. Each post fired up conversation at the office and resulted in cheers like “Sneaker Friday? I can’t wait’” and “Thanks God it’s Friday”!


During the whole day they buzzed from desk to desk, taking sneaker portraits, posting them as they went along on the dedicated Facebook page. Everyone could follow the event and check for their Sneaker Friday entry right away. The Sneaker Snicker Team shared chocolate candy bars every time they met a new proud sneaker owner.


The Sneaker Team selected the 5 most creative sneaker personalities. All were invited to vote for their champion on the Facebook page, with a 25 euro Zalando gift certificate as the winner’s prize.

Régine Lagasse de Locht won the battle, becoming the second Sneaker Champ. She won the two-day popular vote on the Facebook page; with her smartly hand-painted art sneakers. Do we recognise some Matisse-Jazz and cutout influences in her artful work? Well done, Régine, you’re our Sneaker queen!


And of course, mission accomplished for our two motivated interns… sneaker pride ruled at Emakina, with 65 participants pulling all colleagues on-board and the fun Friday event bringing us all a foot or two closer together!

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