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Pharmaceutical Association APB and Emakina design First Belgian SharePoint 2013 website

Author: Luc Malcorps

The Belgian Pharmaceutical Association APB launched its new Microsoft SharePoint 2013 website. With this Belgian and even European ‘first’, created in close cooperation with Emakina, the organisation significantly strenghtens its online presence.

By launching the brand new APB website and also completely restructuring its members platform, APB aims to facilitate public access to a wide variety of information, while making over 50.000 documents and specific dossiers readily accessible to pharmacists and other professional users.




Four out of five pharmacists

APB protects the interest of more than four out of five public Belgian pharmacists. Each day, one in 20 Belgians consults a pharmacist with regard to a medicine or other health products, or to obtain specific health advice. The idea behind the project was to make access to primary care available to all not only at the pharmacist, but also digitally on the web. Working together with Emakina, APB reached the most suitable solution, from concept and architecture to design, development and the finishing touches.


www.APB.be in a brand new coat

Their brand new site www.apb.be has a fresh and bright look, fully in line with the organisation’s new design. Besides the latest news, you can also find general information about the profession, the members’ organisation, public health, primary care, patient safety, medicines, health insurance, and much more. The site is very user-friendly, easy to navigate and quickly delivers the information you re looking for.


Specialised information tailored to each user’s exact needs

Besides a public site, APB also offers its members and stakeholders in the health sector a wide variety of online services and specialised tools. Hence, a secure platform was set up, with a clear structure and a wealth of professional information. This website is specifically tailored to the characteristics and access privileges of each user’s profile. Member pharmacists as well as paying users in the pharmaceutical sector can find targeted information in just a few clicks, including access to those files that best fit their profile.


Intense cooperation to reach highly client-oriented results

Frank Crasson, Communication Director, about the collaboration: “Emakina was a highly professional and enthusiastic partner for this project. Because of their comprehensive guidance and clever CMS-advice, we reached a strong and client-oriented result with a variable geometry.”

Caroline De Siron: “A detailed profile matrix and thorough integration of our CRM-data were crucial. The result is a highly secure site with specialised information specifically tailored to our target groups. Because of our intense cooperation, we can really take advantage of the great possibilities that SharePoint 2013 offers for web content management.”








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