The new Ergo Blog: coaching and trust

Author: Luc Malcorps

Leading financial partner ERGO embraces smart coaching and trust as key values in its service approach. The new ERGO Coach blog launched this summer with the help of Emakina, highlights this promise. What better way is there to say what you do, then by simply doing what you say! That was the starting point of this project, and the result delivers 100 % on this promise.


So many financial questions trouble today’s consumers… Will I be able to live comfortably when I’m retired? What should I do to get there, how to pay my taxes correctly and what should I do to pay less? Which savings formula should I choose? Is a life insurance a good idea for me (and what is it, actually)? How can I best protect myself and my family from financial woes? What are the best modern investment techniques I should look into?

The new ERGO Coach blog addresses all of this – and then some. The blog has sections on taxes, pensions, savings and investments and insurances, besides news items. You can sort the information on tagged words and consult various links. And In the user’s zone, you can get in direct contact with the experts of your choice, covering a wide variety of topics. You can of course also react to an article or suggest a topic, get in contact with the blog editor and find the nearest ERGO office.

Earlier this summer, ERGO and Emakina already introduced the coaching idea in a more fun and games context. On a special ‘Coach your devil’ website, football fans were invited to share their expert advice for their favourite players of the Belgian football team. ERGO is sponsor of the Red Devils since 2007. So the fun minisite was a well-suited link between Ergo’s sports fans and the company’s coaching attitude.


The new financial coaching blog creates interaction on the other side of the spectrum, where serious questions and issues are tackled, instead of players on the football field. But the idea is the same, better prepare before it’s too late.. as the ERGO pension clip shows!


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