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About Courrèges

A new digital age of fearless fashion

The unique French fashion brand, known for its avant-garde spirit, needed a refreshed platform to express the vision of its new designer. Emakina's multidisciplinary skills, capable of leading projects integrating UX design, UI and development, exceeded the client's expectations and helped Courrèges stand out in a competitive luxury fashion market. The site provides a fluid and immersive experience that greatly appeals to a young, independent and sophisticated clientele.

Client Courrèges
Agency Emakina.FR
Services Commerce / Web building
Technology Magento
Smartphone mockup image

The challenge

In order to realise the vision of its new creator, the Courrèges house needed a wide variety of skills. Emakina's multidisciplinary skills, capable of leading projects integrating UX design, UI and development met the client's expectations. In addition, the use of the agile methodology allowed the project to be completed in only four months, in order to meet the client's time constraints.

Our solution

The Courrèges house needed a platform to express its vision freely and without barriers. Thanks to the new Page Builder software version of Magento that we obtained exclusively, the client is free to modify the structure of his site to his liking. It allows Emakina to prefabricate and make available fields intended to host texts, photos or videos that the client can freely modify and move around on site pages. If Courreges wants to showcase a new collection, for example, it can administer pages itself with full editorial control and autonomy.

The result

The work done on this new platform allows for a fluid and immersive consumer experience. It is also a place of expression for the new designer, which allows her to establish a new brand identity. During Fashion Week, runway videos were shown on full screen on the homepage, proving that the brand doesn't shy away from breaking the rules.

All of this contributes to a pixel-perfect result that shows that the brand is renewing itself while remaining at the top of the luxury market - reflected in the Courrèges house's climbing sales results.