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About jö Bonus Club

Digitisation of Austria's largest customer club

As a member of the jö Bonus Club, customers can collect bonus points every time they shop in more than 3,000 shops in Austria. Emakina started working with jö in July 2018 to help it launch a customer club with extensive multi-partner management by May 2019.

Client jö Bonusclub
Agency Emakina.CEE
Services Analytics / Data science / Web building
Technology Kentico
jö Bonus Club card

The challenge

The client recognised that customers prefer having a single loyalty card that they can use in multiple shops. To meet this demand, jö chose to create a programme that allows shoppers to collect and redeem loyalty points with 14 partners — with more to join in the future.

Three hands holding jö cards up

With the jö card, 3.9 million members are already happily collecting rewards (called ‘Ös’) in over 3,000 shops. It is up to the customer to decide where, how and when they redeem the rewards.

The solution

Emakina was assigned to support the concept and development of jö's mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as the web application. The team also developed parts of the back-end solutions for the bonus world and partner management.

To allow people to support their favourite charities, we helped to implement a donation system, where rewards can go to carefully-selected nonprofit organisations. Users choose between partners like the Red Cross or Caritas, and private projects that can apply to be assessed and selected.

Smartphone mockup image

The technology

  • Kentico Cloud
  • Web application
  • iOS & Android App
  • Backend solutions
  • Website:

The results

Within just three months of the launch, jö had already recorded over 3 million registrations, with 1.5 million of those being on digital channels.

Our cooperation achieved several successes:

  • Integration of all partners
  • Integration of the charity programme
  • Launching the new platform in sync with a big promotional campaign

"With jö Bonus Club, we are taking customer retention and loyalty in Austria to a new level. We offer a loyalty programme that is unprecedented in Europe." Ulrike Kittinger, Managing Director of jö Bonus Club