Five CAD students experience real agency life at Emakina


Five students of CAD Brussels College of Art and Design finished a very intense week at Emakina, to experience agency work in real life, and learn how projects are born.

Emilie, Anne, Luise, Sophie, Romane, Alix, Ines, Sébastien and Léon

Emakina has a tradition of inviting talent from this school to its offices, and some of the visiting students in the past stayed on to start their career at the agency. And Creative Department Director Anne Bourguignon also has a strong link with the school, where she gives training sessions and is a jury member.

Luise in her part of the presentation, explaining the steps of the campaign

Emakina’s creative team welcomed them with open arms, and then threw them in the deep end, working together on a campaign right away. Splash!
The fresh young talents participated in a creative workshop as equals, pushing their boundaries. Their challenge was not only to come up with a ‘nice idea’, but also to make it tangible and adapted to the needs of a key client of the agency.

Emilie Maquet, Director of Operations at CAD joined the students for their presentation in Emakina’s Enterprise room, and was pretty proud of the work Romane, Ines, Sophie, Alix and Luise did:

‘I’m impressed by the maturity of our students’ thinking. It’s exciting to see that they developed a cohesive concept in such a short time, putting the principles and techniques they learned at CAD so well into practice.’

Alix and Ines go into the campaign’s style and tone of voice

Leon Jacobs, Emakina’s Executive Creative Director was also pleasantly surprised:

‘I was amazed at how dedicated and hardworking these young talents were. They were very focused on their mission. They also created a very powerful video, and the writing blew me away. We might even recycle the work, fine-tune it, and introduce it to the client, because it is to the point and creative.

This initiative is part of a long relationship of collaboration between the CAD school and Emakina. Last year, the agency sponsored the successful TEDxCADBrussels event, organized by Emilie Maquet and Dirk Daenen.

Interested in becoming a student at CAD?
The scope of their classes is impressive, from Interior Architecture and Design over Communication Design to UX and Motion Design and 3D. Here’s an introduction clip of the school, accompanied by Mozart’s first movement of Symphony No. 25!

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