D’Ieteren kicks of the Brussels Auto Show in style (with a little help of their Emakina friends)

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

Smiles all around Thursday evening, at the traditional opening of the 98th edition of the Brussels Motor Show. Our colleagues were there in their finest evening wear, having gladly accepted the invitation from our friends at D’Ieteren and Volkswagen D’Ieteren Finance.

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Part of the Emakina delegation… looking smart at the Volkswagen stand

How time flies. Emakina has been a trusted partner of Belgian’s market leader in vehicle distribution for 20 years. Compared to the rich history of D’Ieteren – in existence since 1805 – two decades of course is a short period. But in the digital world, it’s an eternity.

And what an exciting ride it was. From their very first intranet and a groundbreaking web tv platform to digital strategy, CRM, digital campaigns, videos, websites, apps and more.

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The promotions platform, just one of the many major Emakina projects for D’Ieteren

The team managed another landmark collaboration, with the launch of a super-efficient and complete multibrand promotion platform. After kicking off the promo website for Volkswagen Cars and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, the special conditions website soon followed for ŠKODA and SEAT.

And this fantastic collaborative adventure continues.

Take the 2020 Auto Show, for instance. The informants at the fair in the stands of the D’Ieteren brands confidently guide you to select the car that suits you best. How? They whip out their tablets, launch the offer generator we developed together, and hard work becomes easy. You not only receive all information you can imagine on the fair and the vehicles D’Ieteren distributes in a few taps. But you can also select all options and you even get a formal price quote in real-time. Quite a performance, if you know how many parameters the system has to take into consideration.

This amazing digital pocket-knife received a solid tech update, making it once more a state-of-the-art powerhouse. And the visitors are truly delighted. As are the dealers, who automatically are integrated in the loop.

Together with D’Ieteren, Emakina’s experts also follow the heartbeat of the automotive sector. With new rules emerging and changing attitudes towards mobility, D’Ieteren informs the market on the low-emission zones and how it possibly affects each vehicle owner, from cars and bikes to vans, trucks, minibuses and buses. Some cities are banning the most polluting cars. So it can be wise to check the all-new and handy D’Ieteren LEZ-website our team produced.

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Kidding around in the Škoda stand…

What is next? D’Ieteren confidently is gearing up for the future, showing a keen interest in eco-friendly and electrical vehicles, shared mobility, and smart route planning with the start-up Skipr.

We’re proud to be part of the movement, sometimes in front of the stage, often behind the curtain, like the ŠKODA Sales Club project, strengthening the interaction and collaboration with the dealer network, with targeted information, special actions, and challenges that boost the brand and sales at the same time.

The 2020 Auto Show is off to a good start. And the future is already here. A great story. To be continued. 

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