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Emakina accompanies ING Belgium in the search for new talent

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

ING Belgium is always looking for new talent, especially for its IT and commercial departments. In collaboration with Emakina, the company now upgraded its careers website. The site is like a brand new suit, tailor made, including twenty videos to strenghten the key messages.



Based on their desire for a stronger foothold in the digital world, ING Belgium has started modernizing its website for potential future employees. As part of this effort, the twenty videos place the spotlight on employees of the bank. Emakina was responsible for the production of the video testimonies and the visual modernization of part of the site. In videos on the homepage, a succession of ING Belgium talents sit in the design orange chair and share their experiences at the bank.

The testimonies of the staff also explain the process of developing an IT project – the IT project lifecycle. This way, the bank clarifies this complex process, highlighting that each professional plays a key role in it and is an important link in the lifecycle chain.



With the renewed site, ING Belgium once more confirms its innovative vision, while adressing the wishes of its future collaborators in a more precise and direct way. In 2012, ING Belgium wants to hire about 135 IT profiles and over 300 sales staff for its Retail department. Last year, the company already hired more than 300 profiles both in IT and commercial jobs.


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