Emakina Inside, a podcast about tech that improves our lives

Author: Thomas Halter

At Emakina, we are passionate about designing user experiences. We want to improve the lives of people, keeping a critical eye on the present in order to improve the future through digital innovation. Twice a month, Faskil and Emakina CEO/CVO Brice Le Blévennec discuss a facet of daily life, personal or professional, that we want to see radically improved. And you can hear their discussions in our new podcast series, Emakina Inside.

These podcasts are in French and are a great way to practice your skills in that language, so if you’re interested in the topics at hand, you’ll enjoy it both ways.

“Hey Siri, play the podcast Emakina Inside”

Emakina Inside is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts on iPhone, HomePod, iPad, Apple CarPlay, and desktop via iTunes. And you can also find all the episodes here: anchor.fm/emakina

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