Emakina Inside podcast #2: Neobanks

Author: Thomas Halter

At Emakina, we are passionate about designing user experiences. We want to improve the lives of humans, while keeping a critical eye on the present in order to improve the future through digital innovation. Twice a month, author/journalist Faskil and Emakina CEO Brice Le Blévennec address one facet of daily life, be it on a private or professional level, that we wish to radically improve.

The podcast is in French, but you can read Brice’s article about neobanks in English right here.

Neo-banks and their applications are so far ahead in terms of user experience, ergonomics and functionality that it is surprising that they have not yet become industry standards. Here is a non-exhaustive overview of FinTechs that that captured Brice’s attention, with Emakina.BE Technical Consultant Noé Lebrun as guest speaker.

Products and services mentioned in this podcast:
N26, Revolut, Holvi, Wirex, Vault, Curve, boon, Hello Bank, bunq.com.

Brice’s geek gizmo:

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