Emakina partners with Hackers on The Runway in Paris

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

Where better than in Paris to discuss the future of luxury?
And who’s better placed than Emakina to fuel this discussion?

Hackers on The Runway 2014 in Paris takes a deep dive into relationships and growth opportunities between luxury and digital economy. And Emakina is the proud and happy partner of the event on the 1st and 2nd of July.

Digital leaders, luxury disruptors, designers, and suppliers to the global luxury industry, startups and investors… all will be there in high numbers, to get inspired and witness the eye-opening sessions.

Our French team will feel truly at home at this meeting for geeks and guru’s, fashion and luxury aficionados and experts. Manuel Diaz, President of Emakina.FR who designed and produced, among others, the digital communication and retail strategy for Karl Lagerfeld, is a member of the Advisory Board of the conference.

He will also be one of the speakers, besides ‘Permission Marketing’ and ‘Ideavirus’ prophet Seth Godin,  co-founder of  kickstarter Charles Adler, and Valerio Nappi & Valerio Mezzanotti who founded NowFashion.com.

Manuel Diaz will highlight the idea that the digital transformation and innovation can bring a boost to the luxury market, while creating exceptional and memorable client experiences. And that the future is already here, if you want it.


The power of hacking innovation creates new ways for luxury to build on its legacy in a digital futur.

‘Hackers on The Runway’ aims to empower companies in the luxury industry to guard them against the pitfalls and digital slings and arrows. But more than that, to  help them seize this new energy and integrate it at the heart of the approach of their houses ! Right up Emakina’s alley!

So dear geeks, let ‘s be chic! #GeekChic @HackersRunway

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