Emakina’s Alexis Mons to talk about the cookieless world at UBA meeting

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

Emakina’s Alexis Mons will be the main speaker at the next Expert Community Marketing Technology of the UBA, Belgium’s ‘United Brands Association’. On March 3rd, the Head of legal and GDPR at Emakina.FR will discuss the strategic axes and the long-term vision of the “cookieless world”.

The UBA Online Executive Forum is an exclusive online event for UBA members only and by personal invitation. Participation is included in the membership fee of the member company. Members can register here.

Who wants a cookie?

The dramatic changes in the world of cookies is a hot topic for marketers. The pandemic has somewhat pushed the issue into the background, but it is still a major challenge facing brands, and time is running out: Google is planning to phase out third party cookies in Chrome, along with other browsers such as Safari and Firefox.

Data protection and respect for the user become priorities

As users’ personal data is everywhere on the Internet, it has become vital to manage it well and protect the consumer. In July 2020, the European Court of Justice invalidated the Privacy Shield: European consumers can turn against brands if they refuse to allow their data to be sent to the US. The operator must thus be able to protect the rights of European consumers.

Alexis Mons warns for the dangers of collecting and exploiting user data. Too many people still think that you can play with data as you please, without a clear framework, and have unclear policies on consent and retention time, if they even have them at all.

GDPR was just the beginning
to regulate and improve digital

Alexis Mons: “Many actions still do not have a very constraining impact, but the sea is rising fast. All players will have to face new major changes soon, with legal frameworks under construction at high speed. Organizations need to be aware of this in order to move at the right pace and keep up with the times, anticipate and avoid new challenges, or risk a huge wave swallowing them.

So, it was logical that the members of UBA, placed the topic on top of their list of key themes for their next Expert Community Marketing & Technology meeting. The Covid-19 crisis has revealed some serious shortcomings of our digital world.

Digital seems to have entered the ‘adult’ era,
it is gaining in ethics, meaning and sustainability.

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