ESG, Privacy & Security: a podcast

Author: Michelle Dennedy & Sam Rehman

When we hear ESG we tend to think more about the environmental and social aspects of business.  But privacy and data protection are equally vital when it comes to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Corporations aren’t people. They employ us and sell us their products but are not automatically set up to relate to us humans on a human level. Their allegiance is, ultimately to shareholders, to financial sustainability, to the future.

But we are human. Most of us don’t have the knowledge or the bandwidth to think deeply about whether corporations are protecting us, our data, our privacy, our human rights. So why are privacy and security often overlooked in the context of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)? ESG is about a healthy and secure environment after all.

It takes people like Michelle Dennedy, CEO of PrivacyCode and co-author of The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto, and Epam’s Sam Rehman, Chief Information Security Officer and SVP, to help make sure corporations continue to play by human rules, to keep our best interests in mind.  Michelle asks whether the people behind corporations are truly choosing to protect stories, data, artefacts about the human beings they’re interacting with – employees and customers?

Take a deep dive into the topic with us in this lively discussion with Michelle and Sam, ‘A dialogue on ESG, privacy & security’ to discover how corporations must work to keep in line with human principles.

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