Ex-Beatle McCartney spreads his Wings to embrace Emakina Logo

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

Of course Emakina is the agency for today’s and tomorrow’s young digital natives.

But it is also all the way up in the hit list of more senior creative souls. Like Paul McCartney, aka ‘The cute Beatle’. He’s clearly with the times, as the album artwork of his new album shows… it’s 100% Emakina style!




For Paul’s first album of new solo material in six years, YES Consultancy and Design ‘painted’ the Emakina logo in bright gold and red. As Raidersbroadcast puts it in an online comment:  “The artwork or logo design is brilliant and should win an Art award.”

Well done, EMcCartney!

Macca’s designers added a colorful layer to the Emakina logo treatment made earlier by house icon David Guetta. In his upbeat clip, featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, the Emakina brand splashes from the screen…



This must be proof Emakina is here to stay.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow… sing on brave Sir Paul, and welcome to the ranks of those who feel the Emakina logo is too sexy for its trademark!


Check out the high resolution image of the new McCartney cover artwork here!


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