Looking at the Future at the Phare Conference

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Phare Conference will bring together renowned specialists from all over the world. This event, sponsored by The Reference, will present intriguing and surprising ideas on the future of the Internet. Ideas that won’t necessarily become reality, but that challenge you to reflect upon the Internet: how it will change our lives as citizens and consumers?

The Internet evolves towards being the center of our lives. How will this change the way we will work, play, dream in the future?

Brice Le Blévennec will give an expected conference, putting himself at risk by attempting to forecast changes and predict trends regarding to commerce, media, marketing, enterprises, agencies, the web ecosystem and the new mobile frontier.

Other speakers will include Adam Greenfield, founder of Urbanscale LLC, Jeremy Keith, author of ‘HTML5 For Web Designers’, Robert Cailliau, human-computer interaction expert and Steve Muylle, PhD, e-business and marketing specialist.

This event will take place next February 24 at the Oude Vismijn in Ghent and ticketing just started.

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