Positive Vibes Rule at TEDxCADBrussels

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

Last weekend, Emakina celebrated the kick off of the first TEDxCADBrussels, as main sponsor. And it was an inspiring day, filled to the brim with enthusiasm, engagement and creativity.

Curious eye witness

Our colleague Digital Strategist Anna Boroshok was our curious eye witness at this first TEDx event of the College of Advertising & Design. And she came back inspired, and convinced there should be more events like this. ‘The talks were well organized by Emilie Maquet and the whole team’, she said, ‘and the many participants all felt a creative and ‘cosy’ vibe, in the true TED spirit.’

Digital Strategist Anna Boroshok enjoyed the TEDx experience

Creativity is Power

The mix of topics brought together under the ‘Creativity is Power’ umbrella worked remarkably well, Anna continues. ‘The welcoming host and co-organiser Dirk Daenen really captured the audience, and I would rate the speakers from ‘interesting’ to truly inspiring!’

In her talk, Marianne Behaeghel from Creativity Fitness used the power of images to unleash new ideas and smart solutions. With her creativity fitness exercises, she uses photos as catalysts to solve problems. How? By associating positive words to these images and then thinking of connecting these words with the issue you need to tackle.

Oona was speaker and designer for the event, using the X as icon for the talks

Oona Sainio also energized the audience with her story. A real power boost!
This Finnish CAD student shared her valuable lesson: it’s really OK to be scared and feel your fear. But you have to face this emotion. Take a step forward, consider your stress as an opportunity to grow, and boldly move towards your goals. From ice skating skating championships to studying at CAD, from designing to working together and creating beauty… face your fears!

Two eco-oriented talks at the event stood out as creative and environmental eye openers.

Arnaud de la Tour of Hello Tomorrow in his talk demonstrated how deep technologies help to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges for the planet. Very inspiring!

Jules and Raphaël from Circul’R told how they made a circular economy world tour, to meet 150 circular economy entrepreneurs. Now they connect eco-startups with companies to co-create circular economy solutions. Their logic is solid: in nature, falling leaves are the opposite of waste, they are resources for regeneration… so why not develop this insight insight and use it to save our planet instead of destroying it…

In conclusion, the TEDxCADBrussels event not only was inspirational, it also brought a message of hope.

As one of the speakers explained with a quote from the Dalai Lama:

If you think you’re too small to make a difference,
try sleeping with a mosquito.

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