The AWS re:invent forecast – sunny with cloud on demand

Author: Vincent Baufay - French copywriter at Emakina.BE

Introduction AWS
AWS re:Invent – Adam Selipsky’s keynote

Amazon Web Services (AWS) presented the 11th edition of its ‘re:Invent’ event at the end of November this year. Amazon’s division specialising in on-demand cloud computing services never does things by halves: no less than 2,300 sessions were scheduled over 5 days in 6 Las Vegas hotels! The resulting flurry of announcements illustrates, in the absence of major technological breakthroughs, progress that makes the cloud unavoidable. Here are a few of our personal favourites from CEO Adam Selipsky’s keynote.

Bring on more cloud

All sectors, even those with the most sensitive data, are joining the cloud and benefiting from the tailor-made services of market leader AWS. The recent huge strides made in data and technology have turned what was ‘unthinkable’ a few years ago into a seamless reality today.

A cloud of benefits

Minimised latency, accessible and cross-referenced data everywhere and all the time, better customer service, faster time-to-market for innovations, extreme adaptability, optimised costs, even greater security – there are countless reasons to move to the cloud, whatever the size of the company or institution.

For example, the largest Ukrainian bank, Privatbank, was able to continue offering all its services during wartime. Cancer research has also accelerated enormously and developed a host of new treatments, as has collaborative genomics research – leading to major advances in disease prevention. The global problem of supply chain disruption can now be much better anticipated. And the means are there to meet new energy challenges, such as forecasting renewable energy production, decentralised energy management, and reducing consumption.

Sustainability objective

One announcement may seem counter-intuitive at first: for AWS, the cloud must be the cleanest and most efficient way to run IT infrastructure and develop a company’s business. As part of this, the Seattle-based provider plans to source 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2025 and to become ‘water positive‘ (providing more drinking water to the community than it uses) by 2030. Its partnership with Engie on a global scale may give it the means to achieve its ambitions. Watch this space!

AWS water positive by 2030

Zero ETL

AWS, which already had the most comprehensive set of relational and specialised databases, is continuing to expand. Its champion Amazon Aurora, which combines the performance and availability of a traditional database with the simplicity and cost savings of an open-source database, is showing record growth.

Amazon Aurora introduction

Serverless services, which reduces the need for in-house IT infrastructure and provide maximum flexibility, are gaining further momentum. This offer, combined with deeper integrations and boosts to the various applications and services, heralds an IT revolution: data management without ETL (extract, transform and load).

AWS answers the ‘why?’

We had already seen the progress of artificial intelligence at the Google I/O or NVIDIA event in the first half of 2022, and here it is confirmed for business intelligence. Take for example the Quicksight Q platform, which uses machine learning to boost its prediction and explanation tools. It can correlate a huge number of resources to explain, among other things, why a company’s sales have increased at a certain time.

Forecasting with Q

Artificial intelligence flexes its muscles

AI is also earning its stripes as a data bodyguard. Amazon GuardDuty RDS Protection detects malicious files on a container instance and suspicious connections to Aurora databases with one click. Amazon Security Lake will be able to automatically collect, combine and analyse petabyte-scale security data for ultra-fast risk mitigation. And these are just two examples of the myriad of security solutions announced at the event!

Amazon Security Lake

In conclusion, there is no doubt that the expansion and densification of the cloud orchestrated by AWS will address many of the challenges for all players involved – niche markets included. And no AI is needed to predict that Emakina, the User Agency, will evaluate all these new opportunities in depth to make our clients and users happy.

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