The Future of Work: Join the Full Circle Event

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

What? Will work become play?

An open mind about the future is encoded in the DNA of every Emakinian. And that’s a good thing, because technology keeps on disrupting our lives, work and interactions. In that frame of mind, Emakina decided to spice up the debate on the subject and support the Full Circle event on the future of work.

And it’s going to be interesting. So it’s a good idea to join the provocative meeting of minds in Brussels on Tuesday 19 November at 6.30 PM. A perfect opportunity to take a fresh dive in the emerging ideas on the future of work!

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Four top speakers

The changing job market, increasing robotization, AI, and resurfacing ideas on a universal basic income … will we soon work for necessity, duty, habit, identity or fulfillment? And even more ‘out there’, will work become play?

Four respected minds from different backgrounds share their take on our utopian/ dystopian future, to launch a debate that no doubt will be animated.

Josh Cohen is an academic and practicing (Freudian) psychoanalyst. He will no doubt elaborate on his book with the provocative title ‘Not Working: Why we have to stop’. The professor argues that great creativity can be found by throwing off the shackles of work.

The second voice will be political commentator and social media influencer Aaron Bastani, who co-founded the radical left-wing news website Novara Media. He believes it’s time for a different kind of politics for a new kind of society—beyond work, scarcity and capitalism, as he explains in his manifesto ‘Fully Automated Luxury Communism’.

His dynamic intro to his book on YouTube is bold and promises opportunity instead of crisis and catastrophe.

Australian Alison Tate adds her views on work and society. She’s the Director of Economic and Social Policy at ITUC, the International Trade Union Confederation, representing 210 million workers in 165 countries. The organisation also publish the Global Rights Index, indicating the world’s worst countries for workers.

Last but not least is the fourth speaker, Dr Margaret Heffernan. As an international entrepreneur and best-selling author of five books, she gave several TED talks that were seen by millions of viewers. Like this recent one, focusing on the human skills we need in an unpredictable world.

Are we entering a Brave New World?

These four sparkling speakers will share their views on how the changing job reality will influence society and creativity. This gives rise to many questions. Will our work-life balance improve? Will we benefit from the paradigm shift? And will the new reality harm our economic productivity? And on a more psychological and ethical level, how will we find meaning in our lives if work becomes a choice rather than a necessity?

Of course, all this is still far from today’s reality.
But the discussion on these questions and the impact of technology on who we are and how we evolve as a society are valuable. So we warmly recommend this event!

Hope to see you there! Register now!

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