Web3.AI Rising : How new technology can add value to your business

Author: Patrick van der Vliet, Senior Director Experience Consulting, EPAM Continuum

A new technological era is dawning, where AI and machine learning combine to drive a paradigm shift in the business world. Experts are estimating that AI will contribute a staggering $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030 (ie. a 14% increase in global GDP). With forecasts like these, AI and its enabling technologies cannot be ignored by enterprises.

At the same time, the next evolution of the internet, Web3 — which is decentralised and open by nature — is also embracing AI. By merging Web3’s immersive capabilities (like mixed, virtual and augmented reality and blockchain technologies) with AI, Web3.AI will allow organisations to transform their (digital) businesses in profound ways.

7 ways Web3.AI can benefit businesses

You can develop the way you engage with customers and companies in a host of ways:

  1. Ownership & Co-creation of Unique Digital Assets – blockchain allows the ownership and trade of digital assets, while AI supports and feeds co-creation so that companies can better meet the needs of clients.
  2. Tokenisation & Engagement — as well as digital assets, real-world assets like real estate and art can be tokenised to allow fractional ownership and customer engagement, such as invitations and events.
  3. Autonomous Decision Making — efficiency is boosted with smart contracts and autonomous systems.
  4. Metaverses & Spatial Computing – when metaverses are augmented with AI, they can be dynamic ecosystems which are hyper-personalised for users.
  5. Synthetic Content & Digital Personas – company representatives and influencers can be available virtually, complete with intelligence, expertise and charisma.
  6. Decentralization & Data Insights – the decentralised architecture of Web3 networks mean that data and assets can be harnessed by AI, unlocking insights and patterns.
  7. Security & Privacy – AI makes sense of data. It significantly enhances security by detecting and countering cyber-threats, analysing behaviours and safeguarding user data.  

Seize the rising opportunities

We’re living through a transformative moment. Cutting-edge AI and Web3 are fusing to change the way we interact with technology. Traditional boundaries are being blurred, enabling unique collaborations and value exchange between brands, influencers and consumers. Autonomous decision making, supreme security and ultra-personalised experiences are the norm, and becoming ever more in demand. Web3.AI is poised to redefine the nature of business for the next generation.  

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