Emakina launches ‘Unlock for Lives’ with Fondation Saint-Luc

Sports challenge campaign unites teams to raise funds for the fight against rare diseases

Rare diseases touch 500.000 people in Belgium

Fondation Saint-Luc has launched its Unlock for Lives campaign to raise funds for the fight against rare diseases. These 7,000 conditions touch 30 million people in Europe and 500,000 people in Belgium, and 3 in 4 patients are children. The brand-new event was created together with Emakina, who developed the concept, produced an inspiring campaign video and an engaging landing page.

Unlock for Lives - fighting rare diseases

The result of the new collaboration is an exciting challenge. From 1 September to the end of October, teams that have registered take on a series of sport challenges, using the atlasGO app to measures their progress through the GPS tracking on their phones. The app proposes challenges, and participants share their achievements with their inner circle to raise money. Each team aims to complete as many challenges as possible, and raise 10.000 euro (or more) for 'Unlock for Lives’.

Athletes Dylan Borlée, Steve Darcis, and Martin van der Meerschen support the campaign, along with Nicolas Lhoist, CEO of Group Knokke Out & People First.

On the atlasGO page, fans, friends and family can now join in by donating for the achievements of a specific athlete or ​ for 'Unlock for Lives' in general, so it's easy to open your heart (and your wallet)!

Teams are facing and sharing their challenges with atlasGO

Captains have stepped forward in August to launch their participation and invited people to join their teams. They all ask their friends to support their effort, with a goal of minimum 10,000 euro per team. Once the teams were assembled, the challenges were launched with atlasGO as a guide. The Fondation Saint-Luc will stage a closing evening event to celebrate the results of this great action with all the participants.

“Congratulations to the Emakina team! We are very happy to be able to help the Fondation Saint-Luc with this important campaign,” said Tim Wolfs, MD of Emakina.BE. ​ “After our successful Clap and Act campaign raising funds for university hospitals in the Covid-context, this is a new exciting step in our partnership. As the User Agency, our goal is to engage the target audiences, and truly make a change for the better. And that’s definitely what we’re doing here!”