Honda and Emakina launch an ambitious 360° campaign, following the cancellation of the Brussels Motor Show

Everything should be as simple as choosing a Honda

Due to the health crisis, the Brussels Motor Show had to be cancelled. Honda and its agency Emakina found the right recipe to transform the non-event into a great opportunity to increase their visibility, with charm and creativity.

A question of choice

When you buy a Honda car, all options you need are already included. You don't have to worry about choosing them, so you can focus on what really matters: your peace of mind.

This proves to be a winning strategy and a real plus for consumers. In a society demanding so many stressful and time-consuming choices every day, it’s comforting, and more than welcome. Honda makes our lives easier, and that feels good!

Based on this observation, Honda and Emakina imagined the baseline of this campaign: "Everything should be as simple as choosing a Honda. »

3 portraits, 3 campaign phases

Honda and Emakina chose to offer their audience a refreshing new and feminine look, with 3 personal portraits and an original campaign in 3 phases. The positive style is refreshing and in contrast with a sector, that often still remains too masculine and suffocating due to the health crisis.

The first phase of this campaign highlights consumers’ daily choices through the prism of a talented Antwerp photographer: Elisabeth Verwaest.

We follow the acclaimed portrait artist on her on a journey, meeting 3 Belgians, Manon, Dries and Geert. ​ Her 3 portraits are teased in a TV spot and can be discovered online. They highlight the big or small choices each person has had to make in their lives. And each story concludes with the much easier choice of their car: a Honda Jazz, a Honda CR-V, and a Honda e.

This is followed by a banner campaign with creative placement and targeting, reinforced by native articles and prints in the national press. The third phase adds bannering and radio spots to attract prospects to the dealerships.

A solution to respond to the crisis

This comprehensive and ambitious campaign had to be completed in just 2 months.
​But the result is quite interesting: Honda will be present in the minds of all Belgians during the extremely competitive period of the Brussels Motor Show.

And what's next? Everything will depend on the ongoing saga of the health situation, but this initiative shows we can be optimistic! If only everything were as simple as choosing a Honda... ​


Client: Honda
​Agency: Emakina

​Creative Director: Leon Jacobs
​Business Director: Amélie Deschamps
​Program Manager: Stefan De Haes
​Production: Dan Vanderbist & Shabnam Agneessens
​Creative team: Léo Destatte & Sébastien Henry
​Sound design: Jean-Pierre Everaerts
​DOP: Olivier Boonjing
​Photographer: Elisabeth Verwaest
​Editor: Stéphane Goffinet


Marketing Manager - Cars Division: Bart De Leeuw
​Events and Marketing Coordinator: Leen Goossens
​Digital Marketing Specialist: Charlotte Arts
​Digital Marketing Specialist: Noha Saddem