Content design

Content design is a new, user-driven approach to content. Our unique process answers two questions: what content do your users need, and how do we make that content exactly right? 

What is Content Design?

Content design is a process that helps businesses precisely map out content needs. Before creating content, we figure out exactly what a user wants at what point in their journey, and whether you have the content to hit the sweet spot of those needs. The end result: all your bases are covered and you can switch your content marketing plans into a higher gear, leaving your competitors in your wake. 

  • Copywriting 
  • Mental model canvas 
  • User needs and journey mapping 
  • Voice and tone 
  • Content canvas 
  • Content inventory 
  • Content backlog 
  • Content strategy 
  • Editorial guidelines 
  • Ideation 
  • Prototyping and testing 

The content users need at the exact right time  

Content marketing has massive potential – but only if it’s fuelled by consistent, great quality content. But what content, in what shape or form, at which touchpoints? And at what moment in the user journey? What content stands out from the competition? To answer these questions, you need a new, user-driven approach.   

Our Content Design offering was born from our existing design thinking practices and our tried-and-tested double diamond approach. These two phases are about understanding your business and mapping the current user experience, then defining the most meaningful solutions. It’s a framework that gets results for multi-disciplinary content creation. 

Mapping your content needs 

The first diamond helps to map what we call “Content Needs”. Based on user data, we figure out what content a user is looking for at what point in the user journey, and if your company already has the content to meet those needs. At the end of the first diamond, you either know that you’ve got your basics covered, or we provide you with a content backlog (a list of all the content you need to create for a seamless journey). 

Now create stellar content  

Once you’ve got the basics covered, the second diamond helps you to make your content the best performing content out there. We start off by benchmarking your content against the competition. Then we either involve the creative team to make standout assets, or get our specialised marketing colleagues to run tests and optimise what you have. 

The benefits of the second diamond? Start creating user-centric campaigns that stand out from the competition. Reach beyond targets with our growth marketing test strategies. Be future ready with our DXD approach. Enjoy multi-disciplinary collaboration with social media specialists, CRM & marketing automation experts, growth hackers, SEO specialists, UX and UI designers and design thinkers…  

“Because great content makes your users happy, and happy users create successful businesses.” 

Right content, right time, answering exact needs 

What are the benefits of content design? Great content adds value to your business and the user – but it has to be properly designed to work. With Content Design, you’ll have content that:  

  • Feeds your content marketing needs 
  • Appears at the perfect point in a user journey. 
  • Makes users want to stay and hang out with you. 

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