Digital advertising

Emakina is a digital marketing specialist that uses digital advertising to create powerful campaigns with worldwide reach.

Digital Marketing & Advertising Services 

Through creative digital advertising, Emakina helps clients to reach the right audience with razorsharp focus. On this ever-changing playing field, you need the right experts by your side, from search engine marketing and social media advertising to mobile advertising, remarketing and cross-selling. 

  • Media strategy 
  • SEA 
  • Social advertising 
  • Programmatic buying 
  • Display & video advertising 

Digital advertising solutions with the user at the core 

Digital advertising that’s creative, tactical and inobtrusive can be incredibly powerful — as long as it’s done with the user in mind. It must anticipate their needs and speak to them in a relevant and meaningful way. 

Emakina’s digital advertising services always have a strong focus on engaging users through a holistic digital experience that includes content and web design, social media campaigns. 

Decades of digital media advertising experience

Digital advertising is mammoth industry, increasingly taking up more and more of the marketing pie. In 2022, digital advertising will exceed 60% of global adspend. 

Why choose Emakina as an advertising digital agency? As digital natives, Emakina has walked the journey of the internet’s evolution every step of the way. We have extensive experience in creating and running multi-country digital marketing campaigns that deliver real results. Top brands trust us to map out all the channels and opportunities along a customer journey, guiding users from discovering your brand to considering and then choosing it. 
We achieve great results through close targeting, impeccably planned user journeys and creative consistency across the following fields: 

Search engine marketing 

We help your brand to gain standout visibility on search engines through search engine marketing – also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Our SEO experts will perform comprehensive keyword research and competitor analysis to create targeted campaigns that place products and services in front of the right target audience through Google Ads. We also help you set up and optimise paid ads, and continue to manage the account to increase conversions (sales, bookings or sign-ups). 

Social media advertising

From Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn to Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok, social media marketing comes to life through super-targeted social media advertising. It’s a tried-and-tested method for boosting conversion rates, harnessing the unique advantages and features of each platform. We carefully research audiences and where they like to spend time on social media, getting to know the subtle cultural differences of every demographic. 

Mobile advertising

The whole world lives on their smartphones these days, making mobile advertising even more effective than traditional internet advertising. What’s more, search engines prioritise mobile optimisation so if your mobile advertising isn’t fit for mobile, the likes of Google and Bing won’t let customers find your brand. Mobile web, playable, banner, video and in-app ads – our digital advertising experts understand the intricacies of mobile with content that is custom made for mobile environments. 


When a user leaves your site for whatever reason, remarketing is the clever way to get them back to that abandoned cart. These targeted ads are incredibly effective, acting like gentle reminders for users to revisit your site and complete their purchase or search. Always working with data-driven insights, we work with you to ensure we are always appealing the exactly the right audiences. 

“Creativity without strategy is called art”