Web building

Our intuitive sites deeply engage users and encompass everything from branding and user journeys to SEO, e–commerce and cloud technology.

Websites have become virtual shops, storybooks, meeting places and playgrounds to jump into and explore. Emakina has been building websites since back in 2001, so we’re pioneers in this field.

The websites we build are conceived for the user. When they land on the URL, they’ll immediately be inspired and understand how to use it. Our teams consider everything from branding, personalisation and user journeys to search engine optimisation and page load times.

Sites today are complicated, with advanced functionalities for sophisticated needs. We have worked through every stage of their evolution and continue to lead the pack in site-building practices and tools. We continually train and certify teams while constantly building our partnerships with major platforms and providers.

This expertise is all poured into websites that are a valuable asset, integrating perfectly with our clients’ wider digital ecosystems, and evolving their businesses through cloud technology.

  • Analysis of your business needs 
  • Digital roadmap 
  • Backlog management  
  • User stories  
  • Product roadmaps 
  • Functional analysis 
  • Solution architecture 
  • UX & interactive design 
  • Content production 
  • Software development 
  • Quality assurance 
  • Internal & external apps 
  • CMS implementation  
  • IT integration 
  • Cloud and DevOps 

“Intuitive design is how we give the user superpowers”